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Hello, please use headphones to get a better experience. Thanks!

Here is a video of the prototype in action.

Highlights of light installations for Lion & Lamb and 5th Dimension events. Rather than using projectors, I chose color changing lights and static printed images to create the illusion of movement. The deliberate use of specific reds and blues throughout both digital and light design creates this illusion and offers a fresh alternative to the medium of overused video projections.

Sound has been removed from these videos so you can enjoy the sound reel above.

Digitally printed mural commissioned by Enfield Council in collaboration with Northside Youths and Community Connections. The text is filled with metaphorical imagery of changes the group wanted to see in their community and in themselves. I chose to use mirrors for "NOW!" as it represents the immediate moment and allows the art to constantly change with its surrounding as well as include all members of the community who walk by.

Artwork exhibited at 2019 Walthamstow E17 Art Trail.

Selected work from festival installations 2014 - 2018.

Tunnels of yarn mimic nightclub lasers and question our perception of space. These installations function as both walk ways and chill out areas for festival goers. By connecting different points with a simple material such as yarn a sense of "here and there" is created.

Hand-built dome made of willow saplings and fabric representing the moon. Subtle by day and bold by night, the fabric acted as a canvas for projection mapped visuals.

Fabric design commissioned for a silk Kimono.